December 2017

Non-Operative Management Committee Update

Howard M. Place, MD
Non-Operative Management Committee Chair

The Non-operative committee met at the 53rd Annual Meeting & Course and delegated responsibilities for the upcoming year.  Several tasks are actively being worked on  to include compilation of a bibliography of the Physical Therapy and Alternative Treatment methods to address scoliosis and a review article on the Non-operative treatments of Adult Spinal Deformity.  Plans for this coming year include working with the patient education committee to address FAQ’s regarding Adult Spinal Deformity.  In conjunction with the Adult Deformity committee, we will be putting together a survey to help define non-operative care in the adult patient. The goal of this is to ultimately address this topic with a handbook. There has been no further feedback from the USPSTF regarding the grade “I” which basically states there is insufficient evidence to recommend for or against the use of school screening.


Chair: Howard M. Place Committee: Richard Hostin, Past Chair; Michael J. Mendelow; Karamin Abelin Genevois (C); Hongda Bao (C); Michael P. Glotzbecker (C); Alberto O. Gotfryd (C); Kenny Kwan (C); Joshua Murphy (C); Yutaka Nakamura (C); Hazem Nicola (C); Saba Pasha (C); Lucas Piantoni (C); Wafa Skalli (C); Oliver Stokes (C); Linda P. D'Andrea; David A. Hanscom, Chair Elect; Kamshad Raiszadeh; Avraam Ploumis; Nigel J. Price; Theodoros B. Grivas, Advisory; Joseph P. O'Brien, Advisory