December 2017

Research Council Update

Frank J. Schwab, MD
Research Council Chair

The Research Council comprises six committees (now includes the Safety and Value committee) which meet regularly and report to the Board and Presidential Line. The following is an update on activities in each of the committees:

Adult Deformity

  • The committee is finishing a booklet on sagittal alignment and one on cervical deformity. A survey was completed on rod failure and management strategies, results will be analyzed and disseminated.

Growing Spine

  • A webinar was done last December on casting and was well received.
  • A series of new webinar topics are in the works for the coming year.


  • Ease of entering data is being pursued: Could this become a mobile app, or can bulk EMR upload be considered?
  • Several good data analysis requests were submitted to the committee for review

Non-Operative Management

  • A response to the recent ‘I’ ruling from USPSTF was submitted, awaiting a response.
  • A lunchtime symposium is being prepared with SOSORT for Annual Meeting in Bologna.

Research Grants

  • A major change to the review scoring system is underway and will be implemented this cycle.
  • Possible creation of a Research TF (similar to the Education TF)
    • Output/ROI of grant recipients
    • Defining grants better for members to optimize submissions, goals

Safety and Value

  • The committee is working on developing webinar proposals to submit to the Education Committee
  • A set of core measures are being developed that represent a quality and value program for members to implement in their practice settings