December 2018

President's Message

Peter O. Newton, MD
SRS President 2018-2019

As we come off a fabulous Annual Meeting in Bologna and work our way into the holiday season, I would like to congratulate Todd Albert for his spectacular year as SRS President. It is with great respect and humility that I begin my year of leadership for our organization. In 1966, 37 luminaries in the field began the Scoliosis Research Society focused on improving care for patients with scoliosis through research. Today we still share that desire and responsibility. We are much larger and more diverse organization, bringing great power for discovery from within our ranks.

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In Memoriam

Paul D. Choi, MD

December 9, 1970 - January 26, 2018

Joseph C. Flynn Sr, MD

April 29, 1924 - June 10, 2010

Keyvan Mazda, MD, PhD

August 22, 1959 - October 3, 2018

Howard H. Steel, MD

April 17, 1921 - September 5, 2018

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Ethics Corner

David Hanscom, MD
Ethics & Professionalism Committee Member

Are We All Equals?

Dr. Jones’s behavior has become a concern of the hospital administration at the institution in which he practices. He has been very hard on the nursing staff, both on the inpatient ward and in day-surgery. There have been several documented exchanges in which he showed disrespect to the nursing staff, berated them in a public environment, used abusive language, and behaved in a very condescending manner. In fact, several nurses had recently resigned directly linking their decision to do so to Dr. Jones’ disruptive behavior.

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Historian Corner

George H. Thompson, MD
SRS Historian

History at a Glance
Ten years ago, in 2008, SRS celebrated the first Lifetime Achievement Award winners. The first two individuals to receive this recognition were John E. Hall, MD and Jacqueline Perry, MD. Both Dr. Hall & Dr. Perry were Founding Fellows of the SRS and made many significant contributions to the field.

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2018-19 Committee Leadership

Congratulations and a warm welcome to the following SRS members on their appointments as committee chairs for 2018-19.

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SRS Core Curriculum

Laurel C. Blakemore, MD
Core Curriculum Task Force Chair

Under the leadership of the SRS Education Task Force, the Core Curriculum Task Force was charged with the task of defining a comprehensive competency-based core curriculum for use in spinal deformity training. This work would serve as the basis for SRS educational efforts including worldwide courses, and ensure consistency in post-training societal education.

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Awards & Scholarships Committee Update

Matthew E. Cunningham, MD, PhD
Awards & Scholarships Committee Chair

The members of the Award and Scholarship Committee had a great discussion at the Bologna Annual Meeting, with the majority of committee members in attendance. We reviewed the global distribution of the awards and impact that the scholarships have had on providing a financial mechanism to deformity surgeons from hardship areas to attend the annual meeting and gain vital information to benefit the people in their countries.

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Long Range Planning Committee Update

Todd J. Albert, MD
Long Range Planning Committee Chair

The Long Range Planning Committee met at our Annual Meeting in Bologna. Dates and locations have been secured for 2019, 2020 and 2021 and suggestions have been discussed through 2025. Staff is currently researching options and gathering information.

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Non-Operative Management Committee Update

David A. Hanscom, MD
Non-Operative Management Committee Chair

The non-operative committee is being organized into two task forces. One group, headed by Nigel Price, will be creating a framework to organize the current literature on adolescent idiopathic scoliosis bracing. The other section will be organized by David Hanscom to create a document that reflects the literature regarding what care is effective and should be implemented before recommended for adult deformity surgery.

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Translation Committee Update

Haluk R. Berk, MD
Translation Committee Chair

SRS strategic plan states “The purpose of the SRS is to foster optimal care for all patients with spinal deformity” as core purpose and patient advocacy as core value. Therefore aligned with SRS mission and vision patient information distributed by SRS experts in diverse cultures and languages is utmost important. Translation committee is responsible for translating patient education materials to other languages.

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Worldwide Course Committee Update

Benny T. Dahl, MD, PhD, DMSci
Worldwide Course Committee Chair

The three main activities for the Worldwide Course Committee continues to be the traditional Worldwide Courses (WWC), the Current Concepts in Spine Deformity Courses (CCSD) and the Hands-On Courses (HOC).

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