December 2018

Long Range Planning Committee Update

Todd J. Albert, MD
Long Range Planning Committee Chair

The Long Range Planning Committee met at our Annual Meeting in Bologna. Dates and locations have been secured for 2019, 2020 and 2021 and suggestions have been discussed through 2025. Staff is currently researching options and gathering information.

The 2019 Annual Meeting will be held in Montreal, Canada from September 18-21 and the IMAST meeting will take place in Amsterdam from July 17-20. In 2020, the Annual Meeting will be in Phoenix, Arizona from September 9-12 and the IMAST Meeting is tentatively scheduled for Athens, Greece in April. Consideration was made to have all future IMAST meetings from 2020 and on moved to April to improve attendance, not conflict with European holidays and make it potentially more palatable for American surgeons to attend.

In 2021, St. Louis, Missouri has been approved for the Annual Meeting on September 18-26. Dublin, Ireland is the tentative site for IMAST with contracts to be signed and dates to be locked in. Proposed sites in 2022 are Hong Kong or Sydney for the Annual Meeting and the southeast United States, potentially Miami for IMAST. In 2023, Seattle has been the confirmed for the Annual Meeting on September 6-9 and Barcelona, Spain suggested for IMAST. More specific information will be shared once contracts are signed and dates are locked in.

We look forward to seeing as many of our fellow members as possible to participate in these important educational endeavors of our Society.


Chair: Todd J. Albert Committee: Kenneth MC Cheung, Past Chair; Henry F.H. Halm, IMAST; Michael J. Wattenbarger, Global Outreach; Peter O. Newton, Chair Elect; Benny T. Dahl, WWC