December 2019

Awards & Scholarships Committee Update

Alpaslan Senkoylu, MD
Awards & Scholarships Committee Chair

The Awards and Scholarships Committee Team had a quite fruitful meeting on 17 September, 2019 during Montréal Annual Meeting. Forty-two of 213 applications were awarded within 2018-2019 term. Within 12 countries, India received the highest number of award recipients.

The SRS Awards and Scholarships Committee recently reviewed applications for the SRS Traveling Fellows from outside of North America. As a reminder, this award is open for SRS Active and Candidate fellows younger than 45-year of age for visiting North American Deformity Centers. We received 16 very competitive applications from Asia, South America, Europe, Africa, and New Zealand. Our esteemed reviewers scored all accomplished young surgeons and after a final evaluation Qianyu Zhuang, MD, China; Javier Pizones, MD, PhD, Spain; and Dong-Gune Chang, MD, PhD, Korea were granted for 2020 SRS Traveling Fellowship. They will be joined by David S. Marks, ERCS, FRCS(Orth), United Kingdom as the Senior Traveling Fellow.

Next important task for the committee will be to review the rest of awards and scholarships including:

  • Edgar Dawson Traveling Fellowship
  • Eduardo R. Luque Memorial Scholarship
  • Robert B. Winter Global Outreach Fellowship
  • Global (GOP) Traveling Fellowship
  • Asia-Pacific Spinal Deformity Scholarship Program
  • Global Outreach Program (GOP) Educational Scholarship
  • North American Educational Scholarship for Residents and Fellows
  • Member Recognition Awards

*Applications open January 1 - March 1, 2020*

We would encourage future applicants for these precious educational and networking opportunities. Please visit: for detailed information.

Now, the committee is working on the idea of creating more objective and universal criteria for reviewers to score candidates. No doubt, this will facilitate reviewing process and decrease the work load of reviewers. I would like to thank all of the Awards and Scholarships Committee Members for their appreciable commitment and hard work.


Chair: Alpaslan Senkoylu Committee: Matthew E. Cunningham, Past Chair; Lindsay M. Andras, Program; Anthony S. Rinella; Suken A. Shah; Burt Yaszay; Nelson Astur (C); Theodore A. Belanger (C); Kai Cao (C); Dong-Gune Chang (C); Alan H. Daniels (C); Haruki Funao (C); Fernando A. Gomez Sr. (C); Hany AG Soliman (C); ZeZhang Zhu (C); Kenneth J. Paonessa, Chair Elect; Joseph H. Perra; David H. Clements, III; Hee Kit Wong; Kota Watanabe, Global Outreach; Nicholas D. Fletcher; Jung-Hee Lee; Kamran Majid; Surya P. Rao Voleti