December 2019

Education Task Force Update

Kenneth MC Cheung, MD
Education Task Force Chair

Our charges are:

  1. Monitor education programs and provide guidance to course chairs
  2. Refine the methods to assess chair’s performance and provide feedback
  3. Work with appropriate committees to develop and refine the methods to assess outcomes of courses

Training for course chairs and providing feedback to them to help improve performance has been progressing well. All chairs of future SRS courses are invited to attend a chair training program run by SRS. The training program is regarded as an integral part of organizing future courses. As examples, chairs for 2020 participated in an online lecture course during the summer of 2019, and a 3 hour, face-to-face discussion session during the committee day during the Annual Meeting in Montréal. The aim of the chair training is to ensure courses are planned based on the latest adult education principles, including use of gap analyses to help address local and regional learning needs, teaching based on materials from the SRS core curriculum, and practical tips on running successful courses.

New this year, we have started chair monitoring and feedback, experienced previous chairs are asked to help to guide new chairs and also provide feedback during the meeting to ensure that courses respond, in real time, to needs of the learners.

In future, with more chairs trained and gain experience in this process, we expect that all SRS courses will be using these educational planning and teaching principles to enhance the learners’ experience.


Chair: Kenneth MC Cheung Committee: Laurel C. Blakemore; John R. Dimar; Lawrence L. Haber; Praveen Mummaneni; Luis Munhoz da Rocha; Rajiv K. Sethi; Alpaslan Senkoylu; Suken A. Shah; Justin S. Smith; Daniel J. Sucato