December 2019

Fellowship Committee Update

Baron S. Lonner, MD
Fellowship Committee Chair

I am honored to have assumed the Chairmanship of the Fellowship Committee beginning at the Annual Meeting in Montréal, taking the reins from Michelle Caird who did a superb job of steering the committee last term with the help of Alysha Chapman. The state of our Society’s membership is strong. We have 691 Active members, 304 Candidate members, 77 Associate, 287 Emeritus, and 7 Honorary members. A total of 22 Active members were admitted to the SRS over the past year including 11 international members outside of the United States for a total of 468 international members from 62 countries, for a total of 34% of the overall membership, truly reflecting the global nature of our society.

Membership requirements have been modified to allow for a more efficient application process for admission of deserving candidates in order to fulfill leadership’s desire to maintain a vibrant and growing society as listed in the following link,

We also adjusted the dues rates of reduced rate countries in an effort to be more globally conscious after an extensive research and review process. Dues invoices will be sent out in the coming week by the SRS office. To see the new rates based on the world bank scale now, please click here. I look forward to serving this term with my co-committee members, Jeffrey D. Coe, Chair Elect, Michelle S. Caird, Matthew E. Oetgen, Darrell S. Hanson, Brian G. Smith, and to vetting many new potential members on behalf of the SRS.


Chair: Baron S. Lonner Committee: Michelle S. Caird, Past Chair; Jeffrey D. Coe, Chair Elect; Matthew Oetgen; Darrell S. Hanson; Brian G. Smith, Mentorship Program