December 2019

Growing Spine Committee Update

G. Ying Li, MD
Growing Spine Committee Chair

The Growing Spine Committee has been busy since the last newsletter! We had the fantastic opportunity to plan one of the Half-Day Courses, “Growth and Scoliosis,” at this year’s Annual Meeting. Congratulations to the committee’s Past Chair, Peter Sturm, for putting together an outstanding program, and many thanks to the numerous committee members who gave talks and presented cases.

One of our committee members, Eric Shirley, has been working on an Early Onset Scoliosis decision aid for families and this is now complete! This was a huge undertaking and we really appreciate Eric’s hard work on behalf of SRS. The helpful feedback provided by the Growing Spine Committee members was instrumental throughout the process. We will provide another update once the decision aid is available to SRS members.

A few members of the Growing Spine Committee are part of an editorial team that is developing a competency-based curriculum for early onset scoliosis. This blended learning program on the Learning Management System will offer interactive online modules with structured cases, videos, problem-based simulations, and assessments. Lawrence Haber, Sumeet Garg, Brice Ilharreborde, Muharrem Yacizi, Laurel Blakemore, and myself are in the process of filming the modules. We hope that the modules will be completed in the next few months so stay tuned!


Chair: G. Ying Li Committee: Peter F. Sturm, Past Chair; Ron El-Hawary; Judson W. Karlen; Colin Nnadi; Eric D. Shirley; Jason PY Cheung (C); Pawel Grabala (C); Brice Ilharreborde (C); Aroldo C. Legarreta (C); Robert Meves (C); Xu Sun (C); Karen A. Weissmann (C); Scott Yang (C); Wai Weng Yoon (C); Lawrence L. Haber; Tomasz Kotwicki; William A. Phillips; W. Fred Hess; Sumeet Garg, Chair Elect; Reuben A. Maenza; Jwaland S. Mehta; Alaaeldin Azmi Ahmad; Benny T. Dahl; Nicholas D. Fletcher; Juan C. Rodriguez-Olaverri