December 2020

Development Committee Update

Khaled M. Kebaish, MD
Development Committee Chair

This year has been challenging for many of us, and charitable donations to SRS was no exception. Our donations so far this year are not quite matching what we have seen in past years, but we are hopeful that things may improve as we approach the final days of the year. If you would like to support SRS through a charitable donation, please visit

In spite of these challenges, the efforts of the SRS and the development committee over the past several years have significantly increased the grants awarded.  Over the last seven years the SRS has awarded $2.3 million in grants to 86 investigators in nine countries, over three continents.  This has led to 122 presentations and 64 publications.  Included among them are 28 presentations at the SRS Annual Meeting and IMAST with five Hibbs award nominees and two winners.

Our committee is currently working on new and innovative methods to engage SRS members. Including a new SRS members App. We are also working on continuing to promote the SRS Facebook page which has the potential to increase public awareness and provide real-time information to our patients on endowments and philanthropic opportunities, this is also being used to solicit donations from grateful patients.


Chair: Khaled M. Kebaish Committee: Rick C. Sasso, Past Chair; Todd J. Albert, PPII; Jacob M. Buchowski; Panagiotis G. Korovessis; Christof Birkenmaier (C); Ryan E. Fitzgerald (C); Sinan Kahraman (C); Rajat Mahajan (C); Brian J. Neuman (C); Peter O. Newton, PPI; Shay Bess; Anthony M. Petrizzo; Onur Yaman; Serena S. Hu (Treasurer); Darrell S. Hanson; Han Jo Kim; Hassan Serhan