December 2020

Growing Spine Committee Update

Sumeet Garg, MD
Growing Spine Committee Chair

We are excited to announce the SRS iExperience interactive courses on Growing Rods, Hemivertebra Excision, and Spine Casting are available to members and non-members through the SRS website. The blended learning platform for each course includes didactics, structured cases, surgical video, interactive cases, and learning assessments. Several members of the committee donated a large chunk of time over 2019 and 2020 developing these modules to educate surgeons on current best practices for these three procedures. We encourage you to review and interact with these courses and share your experiences with us.  We hope these can serve as a model for further interactive courses on techniques in spine deformity. A huge amount of gratitude to SRS members who worked on this project for the Growing Spine: Laurel Blakemore, Sumeet Garg, Lawrence Haber, Brice Ilharreborde, Ying Li, Laurel Blakemore and Muharrem Yazici.

Our committee recently hosted a webinar “Controversies in Early Onset Scoliosis” that featured lively quick-fire debate on four common case scenarios in early onset scoliosis. The recording of this webinar is available on the website for those who missed the live session. Kudos to Ying Li for organizing this well received webinar.

Although we could not meet in person this fall, we had a productive planning session for the committee in September. Our goals include providing video content to support patient education on the website, partner with the podcast task force, and produce print, online, and in person educational content for the SRS membership this upcoming year.

Please take care of yourselves and your patients as we proceed into 2021 and the continued COVID pandemic. We hope to be able to join in person this fall in St. Louis as a committee and society to advance education, clinical care, and research in early onset scoliosis.


Chair: Sumeet Garg Committee: G. Ying Li, Past Chair; Lawrence L. Haber; Tomasz Kotwicki; William A. Phillips; Evan Davies (C); Ozgur Dede (C); Moyo C. Kruyt (C); Javier Pizones (C); Pooria Salari (C); Terry Jianguo Zhang (C); W. Fred Hess; Reuben A. Maenza; Jwaland S. Mehta; Alaaeldin Azmi Ahmad; Benny T. Dahl; Nicholas D. Fletcher; Juan Rodriguez-Olaverri; Charles Johnston; Colin Nnadi, Chair Elect; Nigel J. Prive; Gregory J. Redding (A)