December 2020

Long Range Planning Committee Update

Paul Sponseller, MD, MBA
Long Range Planning Committee Chair

Dear SRS Colleagues,

It is my privilege to lead the Long Range Planning Committee as the Past President, along with the current President, Past President II, and the chairs of IMAST, Global Education on Spine Deformity, and Global Outreach Committees.  We develop a list of potential cities and venues for the two major meetings and review the rotation for the other meetings. We try to make sure that we distribute our meetings as broadly across the globe as possible, yet with an eye on ease of access and costs. The Annual Meeting is outside of North America two out of every five years, with IMAST outside North America when the Annual meeting is in. In keeping with this rotation, we are pleased to announce that SRS has signed the contract for the Annual Meeting to be in Barcelona September 11-14, 2024. Since IMAST is unable to be held in Dublin as planned next April, we were also able to preserve our deposits for conference by booking IMAST in Dublin, March 22-25, 2023. We want to thank the SRS Staff for their expertise in concluding these plans.  We look forward to a string of successful in-person meetings after we are all vaccinated and staying healthy!

Paul Sponseller, MD


Chair: Paul D. Sponseller Committee: Peter O. Newton, Past Chair; Kota Watanabe, Global Outreach; David Skaggs, IMAST; Ahmet Alanay, GESD; Muharrem Yazici, Chair Elect