December 2020

Non-Operative Management Committee Update

Brian G. Smith, MD
Non-Operative Management Committee Chair

On November 7, six panelists represented the Committee on a webinar that was an update on the value of bracing and exercise therapy in both adult and adolescent scoliosis patients. The webinar was very well attended with more than 500 viewers logged in at one point.

Time constraints prevented one of our speakers from presenting, but all lectures are now available on the SRS website.

Several hundred questions were submitted, and the panelists answered every question, whether live on the webinar or subsequently online.

In addition, the Committee has submitted a Lunch Time Symposium on the current status of bracing in AIS, with a focus on the use and value of the new Rigo brace. The issues include the challenges to the orthotists to make the brace, the evidence that it provides better outcomes, the ability of patients to comply with wearing regimens, and the burden of the additional cost to families.


Chair: Brian G. Smith Committee: Nigel J. Price, Past Chair; Kevin M. Neal; Michael L. Schmitz; Mohammadreza Etemadifar (C); Naobumi Hosogane (C); Stefano Negrini (C); Tom PC Schlosser (C); Hanneke M. van West (C); Claudio Vergari (C); Eric C. Parent (A); Luke Stikeleather (A); Kota Watanabe, Chair Elect; Eugenio Dema; Shyam Kishan; Chris Yin Wei Chan; Theodoros B. Grivas, Advisory; Joseph P. O'Brien, Advisory