December 2020

Podcast Task Force Update

Ron El-Hawary, MD
Podcast Task Force Co-Chair

As part of the SRS Research Task Force’s Innovative Dissemination of SRS Research initiative, the creation of SRS Podcasts was approved in July 2019. The SRS Board endorsed podcasts that are similar to the webinars and social media efforts that would allow for expansion of research ideas presented. The intent was that podcasts can be used for medical professional and patient information and that the Communication Committee should start a task force to pilot the program. The goal of this task force is to work to develop and to put in place a system for a new podcast process to help disseminate knowledge, research findings, and other relevant information throughout the year from SRS’s various sources. The task force worked tirelessly through 2019-2020 with a goal of hosting the first podcast by September 2020. With the help of task force advisors, Craig Louer and Carter Clement, we are pleased to report that we met this goal and that “Scoliosis Dialogues: An SRS Podcast” has published 3 podcasts this fall, which are available on the SRS website, iTunes, and Google Play.


Special thanks to Shawn Storey for his technical expertise, Jaysson Brooks for helping to finalize the intro and outro music, Jeff Mullin for helping to create the logo, and Ryan Fitzgerald for creating the podcast description for marketing: “Scoliosis Dialogues is a Scoliosis Research Society (SRS) podcast aimed at delivering the most current and trusted information to clinicians that care for patients with scoliosis and spinal deformities. From news in the world of spinal deformity, to reviews of the newest most impactful articles, to discussions with thought leaders in the field, we aim to provide up-to-date, quality information that will impact the daily practice of spinal deformity.” As well, Hui-Ren Tao and Masood Shafafy have provided an international perspective to the task force.

We have recruited other members from outside the task force to also host the podcasts. We adopted principles of diversity when recommending podcast hosts with the following representation: Pediatric and adult deformity expertise, orthopaedic and neurosurgical expertise, female and male, international, and basic scientist.

A group of four individuals act as the core group of hosts includes pediatric lead hosts Ryan Fitzgerald and Jaysson Brooks; adult lead hosts Kariman Abelin-Genevois and Jeff Mullin. Other hosts include John Vorhies, Cynthia Nguyen, Masood Shafafy, and Charla Fischer. Additional panelists for content review include David Bennett, Hui-Ren Tao, and the task force co-chairs.

Specific podcast topics are determined by the hosts with input from the Podcast Task Force. Our initial goal was for one podcast every two months, but we are currently publishing podcasts monthly.  As the Education Committee charges include highlighting SRS Annual Meeting and IMAST award winners, we have spent the majority of this fall highlighting those two meetings. In addition, the Global Outreach Program is planning two podcasts in early 2021. Not only are these podcasts educational from a scientific perspective, the hosts have put a unique spin on their interviews with SRS members… there is a dedicated emphasis on getting to know the members as people by probing into their early years, their mentors, and on their path to where they are now.  Stay tuned for more Scoliosis Dialogue podcasts in 2021!


Co-Chairs: Yan Wang; Ron El-Hawary, RTF Liaison Task Force: Jaysson Brooks; Ryan Fitzgerald; Hui-Ren Tao; Masood Shafafy; Jeff Mullin; Carter Clement, Advisory; Craig Louer, Advisory