December 2021

Awards and Scholarship Committee

Nicholas Fletcher

The Awards and Scholarship Committee is looking forward to our opportunity to evaluate applications for a variety of awards this coming spring.

The Nominees for Member Recognition Awards including Lifetime Achievement and Blount Humanitarian will be evaluated and the results reported to the Presidential Line for a final decision. The Lifetime Achievement Award was recently shared between Donald P.K. Chan and Robert Hensinger while the Blount Humanitarian award was awarded to Kenneth MC Cheung.

Other applications to be screened include:

  • Edgar Dawson Traveling Fellowship
  • Global Outreach Program (GOP) Fellowship
  • Eduardo R. Luque Memorial Scholarship
  • GOP Scholarship.

Edgar Dawson fellows are from North America and travel within North America for 2-3 days. Luque fellows are from Mexico, Central America, South America, or the Iberian peninsula and have the opportunity to attend the annual meeting or spend two weeks at a spine center. The GOP scholarship brings a surgeon from a developing country to either IMAST or the SRS annual meeting while the GOP fellowship allows surgeons from developing nations to spend three-to-four weeks with an SRS active member.

We anticipate that this process will likely be very competitive due to the high number of qualified candidates and absence of traveling opportunities in 2021. Previous winners from 2021 have been given permission to delay their travel until 2022. SRS traveling fellowship applicants can expect to submit their applications this coming summer and should look for information on this during late spring.

We would encourage future applicants to apply for these remarkable educational and networking opportunities. Please visit the SRS website for detailed information.

Awards and Scholarship Committee: Kenneth J. Paonessa, Past Chair, W. Fred Hess (Global Outreach), Shay Bess (Program), Jung-Hee Lee, Kamran Majid, Surya P. Rao Voleti, Zhen Liu, Zhimin Pan, Hany Soliman, Xu Sun, Alexander Theologis, Rodrigo A. Amaral, Paul C. Celestre, Chair Elect, Yong Hai, Kaman Majid, MD Shah Alam, Theodore Belanger, Dong-Gune Chang, Alexandre Fogaca Cristante