December 2021

Morbidity and Mortality Committee

G. Ying Li
Committee Chair

The M&M committee has been working on a report of the 2013-2020 M&M data. The manuscript is being finalized and will be submitted to Spine Deformity in the next couple of months.  We have also reviewed, approved, and delivered data for three Requests for Proposals (RFP) for M&M data research submitted by SRS members.  Guidelines on the RFP submission process and the RFP template are on the SRS website.

The website for the 2021 M&M reporting year is now open. All Candidate and Active Fellows are required to submit patients whom they treated as the primary surgeon from January 1 to December 31, 2021. Instructions on the M&M reporting process are on the SRS website.  Please note that the only complications to be recorded are death (within 21 days of surgery), neurologic deficit, unintentional return to the OR (within 90 days of the index surgery), and acute infection (within 90 days postoperative). The deadline for data entry and attestation is April 1, 2022.

Members of the M&M committee are continuing to work with SRS leadership on strategies to refocus the committee to better serve the needs of the SRS membership. Stay tuned for future updates as the M&M Committee continues our transformation.

Committee Members: Luis Munhoz Da Rocha (Chair Elect), Ravi Bains, David Cohen, Alejandro Dabaghi Richerand, Romain Dayer, Lori Dolan, Daniele Fabris-Monerumici, David Gurd, Robert Huang, Guillermo Kahl, Jim Kennedy, Christopher Kleck, Ripul Panchal, Vishal Sarwahi, Takayoshi Shimizu, Sanjeev Suratwala, Vikas Varma