June 2016

Fellowship Committee Update

Munish C. Gupta, MD
Fellowship Committee Chair

In order to maintain the high standards of SRS membership, the Fellowship Committee rigorously reviews all Candidate, Associate and Active applications for membership in adherence to the polices and bylaws of SRS. The Fellowship Committee then provides their recommendations to the Board of Directors for final approval at the fall and spring Board meetings.

We received an outstanding group of applicants for membership and are pleased to announce our new 2016 Candidate and Associate Fellows:

Candidates (29):

            Syed I. Ahmed, MD, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

            Jun Seok Bae, KOREA

            Brian Brighton, MD, Charlotte, NC

            Aaron J. Buckland, MD, New York, NY

            Alan H. Daniels, MD, Providence, RI

            Bassel G. Diebo, MD, New York, NY (from SYRIA), Research Track

            Bhavuk Garg, MBBS, MS(Ortho), INDIA

            Yazeed Gussous, MD, San Francisco, CA

            Geoffrey Haft, MD, Sioux Falls, SD

            Michael J. Heffernan, MD, New Orleans, LA

            Pooria Hosseini, MD, Moreno Valley, CA

            Yashar Javidan, MD, Sacramento, CA

            Saad A. Khairi, MD, Indianapolis, IN NEURO

            Paul D. Kiely, MCh FRCS, New York, NY

            Jan E. Klamar, MD, Columbus, OH

            Kenny Kwan, MD, HONG KONG

            Domingo Lombao, MD, SPAIN

            John F. Lovejoy, III, MD, Washington, DC

            Amy L. McIntosh, MD, Dallas, TX

            Joshua Murphy, MD, La Jolla, CA

            Robert F. Murphy, MD, Memphis, TN

            Paul Park, MD, Ann Arbor, MI, NEURO

            Lucas Piantoni, MD, ARGENTINA, Research Track

            Selina Poon, MD, New Hyde Park, NY

            Walter P. Samora, III, MD, Columbus, OH

            Khoi D. Than, MD, San Francisco, CA, NEURO

            Rodrigo E. Varela, MD, CHILE

            Michelle C. Welborn, MD, Portland, OR

            Wang Yingsong, MD, CHINA

Associate Fellow (2):

            Ann M. Hayes, PT, DPT, OCS, St. Louis, MO

            Renato Scapucin Sorpreso, BRAZIL

A special congratulations and thank you to our new Active Fellows, who have successfully completed the five-year Candidate process and are now full voting members! (11).   

            Steven S. Agabegi, MD, Cincinnati, OH

            Mirza E. Biscevic, MD, PhD, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA

            Samuel K. Cho, MD, New York, NY

            Ilkka J. Helenius, MD, PhD, FINLAND

            Toshiaki Kotani, MD, PhD, JAPAN

            Robert A. Morgan, MD, Minneapolis, MN

            Joshua M. Pahys, MD, Philadelphia, PA

            Martin Repko, MD, PhD, CZECH REPUBLIC

            Wudbhav N. Sankar, MD, Wynnewood, PA

            M. Wade Shrader, MD, Phoenix, AZ

            Mitsuru Yagi, MD, PhD, JAPAN

New Active Fellows accepted through the Fast Track program (1):

            Carlos H. Macaneiro, MD, BRAZIL

New Emeritus Fellows (2):

      Enrique Izquierdo, MD, SPAIN

      Norberto Ventura, MD, PhD, SPAIN

Membership Statistics

The SRS continues to grow at a gradual rate, always focusing on the quality of membership and not necessarily   the quantity. Our membership count as of 5/1/2016 is 1,309 members. We now have 60 countries represented in our membership with approximately 33 percent residing out of the USA.

2015 Morbidity and Mortality Submission:

Thank you to the 884 members that submitted over 44,000 cases to the 2015 online M&M data collection site.

The M&M site for the 2016 reporting year is already open. The same data will be collected in 2016. Please try to stay ahead and enter your M&M data monthly or quarterly to avoid deadline distress.

Our M&M data is available to you for your own research through a Request for Proposal that is located on the Members-Only section of the SRS website under Morbidity and Mortality.

Thank you all for your superior dedication.

Chair: Munish C. Gupta, MD Committee: Douglas C. Burton, MD; Hee Kit Wong, MD; Youssry ElHawary, MD; Michelle Caird, MD