June 2017

Adult Deformity Committee Update

Ram Mudiyam, MD, MBA
Adult Deformity Committee Chair

The Adult Deformity Committee has been involved in analyzing recently conducted surveys on the role of MIS in adult spinal deformity, shared decision making in adult spinal deformity surgery, and a recent survey on rod fractures.

Projects that are still in the process of completion include a “Global Spinal Alignment” pamphlet (Michael LaGrone MD), Cervical Deformity pamphlet (Greg Mundis, MD), and MIS in adult deformity (Neel Anand, MD).

A Lunchtime Symposium on “Adult Spinal Deformity for the Early Career Deformity Surgeon” will be held at the Annual Meeting in Philadelphia.

Chair: Ram Mudiyam, MD, MBA; Committee members: Michael O. LaGrone, MD; Yutaka Sasao, MD, PhD; Emmanuelle Ferrero, MD; Jeremy Fogelson, MD; Takashi Kaito, MD, PhD; Tuncay Kaner, MD; Jung-Hee Lee, MD, PhD; Gabriel KP Liu, FRCS(Orth), MSC; Eijiro Okada, MD, PhD; Jonathan N. Sembrano, MD; Per Trobisch, MD; Shu-Hua Yang, MD, PhD; Evalina L. Burger, MD; Stephen Lewis, MD, MSc, FRCSC; Neel Anand, MD; Jean-Charles Le Huec, MD, PhD; Frank F. Rand; MD