June 2017


Blakemore - Ondra Wedding

 On Sunday April 2, we witnessed the union of two of our own SRS members, Laurel Blakemore and Steve Ondra, in St. Augustine, Florida.  Laurel and Steve’s wedding was an intimate gathering of family and friends.  Their love for each other was evident to everyone present.

Laurel came to the SRS from a background of orthopaedic surgery and pediatric orthopedics. Steve, with a background of neurosurgery and adult spinal deformity, was the first SRS member to enter as a neurosurgeon.

Twelve SRS members attended and were able to celebrate this historic wedding of our two dear friends.  It is a wonderful reminder of how our society has brought together spine surgeons from the backgrounds of orthopaedic and neurosurgery to help SRS improve the lives of patients with spinal deformity.

Those who attended the wedding were among the first from SRS to wish them only the best for a long, happy life together and Godspeed on their new journey.

SRS members in attendance:

  • Behrooz Akbarnia
  • Todd Albert
  • Fran Farley
  • Steve Glassman
  • Bob Hensinger
  • Tony Herring
  • Serena Hu
  • Tyler Koski
  • Brian Kwon
  • Larry Lenke
  • David Polly
  • George Thompson