June 2017

Bylaws & Policy Committee Update

Evalina L. Burger, MD
Bylaws & Policy Committee Chair

In 2016 there were no amendments to the SRS Bylaws required. During the 2016-2017 SRS year, the committee has been working with the various committee chairs to review the policies for their committee and suggest any appropriate changes for approval by the SRS Board of Directors. These changes are being reviewed by the committee and will be submitted to the Board for approval during the July Board of Directors meeting at IMAST. Any new and pertinent updates will be sent out in advance of the Annual Meeting.

One recent update to the policy regarding nomination to serve on the SRS Board of Directors is as follows in bold italic:

Suggested qualifications:

  • All nominees must be Active Fellows in good standing
  • Nominees for all positions should regularly attend the Annual Meeting and/or IMAST, and should actively participate in and/or contribute to other SRS activities such as research grant applications, endowment contributions, outreach programs, submission or presentation of papers, serving as faculty for courses, participation in committees, submission of M&M, etc.
  • Nominees for the position of Director at Large should have chaired at least one SRS Committee. At the Nominating Committee’s discretion, those being considered for this position who are from outside North America or who are ≤45 years old may qualify with active service on at least four committees of which a minimum of two were as an Active Fellow.
  • Nominees for the position of Vice President, Secretary Elect or Treasurer Elect should have served either as a Director at Large or as a Council Chair

This change is being made at the request of the Nominating Committee as some younger members and those from outside North America may be very active and involved, but have not had the opportunity or time within SRS to work their way to chair of a committee.

Chair: Evalina L. Burger, MD Committee: Dilip K. Sengupta, MD; Carl R. St Remy, MD; Andrew A. Sama, MD; Surya Prakash Rao Voleti, MS, DNB; Brian Hsu, MD; John M. Wattenbarger, MD