June 2017

Health Policy Committee Update

Dennis Raymond Knapp Jr, MD
Health Policy Committee Chair

The Health Policy Committee has been actively trying to accomplish the committee charges and pursue the ones that are obtainable. The committee is in the process of obtaining Proclamations from each state designating June as Scoliosis Awareness Month. To take this another step this year, we have enlisted the help of a representative from the AAOS to assist us with utilizing these proclamations to improve public awareness about scoliosis and the role of the Scoliosis Research Society. AAOS is assisting us with ideas for marketing and public relations to be done in conjunction with obtaining proclamations.

We continue to oversee and review “Compelling Stories” that are submitted to SRS to determine suitability for placement on the website.  Guidelines are being developed to “grade” these as they come in for acceptance, rejection, or editing.

Communication is ongoing with the Non-Operative Committee regarding potential new bracing recommendations from the United States Preventive Task Force (USPSTF).

Participation has continued on the Rapid Response Team

The Straight Forward Campaign with Marcus John is ongoing. This project is designed to inspire individuals to overcome the psychological effects of their appearance and increase awareness of patients dealing with scoliosis.  This would be done with a photoshoot of individuals with scoliosis and subsequent gallery event in New York along with pre- and post media events, and news, fashion, and print publications.  If successful, this would be envisioned as an ongoing project in years to come.

Chair: D Raymond Knapp Jr, MD Committee: Gary T Brock, MD; Robert K Eastlack, MD; Mary Lou Oliver RN, BSN, MSPH; Kai-Ming Gregory Fu, MD; Cheerag Upadhyaya, MD; Patrick B Wright, MD; Cody E Bunger, MD; Richard G Fessler, MD; Richard M Schwend, MD; Daryll C Dykes, MD; John M Olsewski, MD; Jonathan R Stieber, MD; Laurel C Blakemore, MD; Karl E Rathjen, MD