June 2019

Health Policy Committee Update

Karl E. Rathjen, MD
Health Policy Committee Chair

June is National Scoliosis Awareness Month and is a great opportunity for SRS members to work to increase awareness about scoliosis, its prevalence and treatments. It is an opportunity to unite scoliosis patients, families, clinicians, institutions and related businesses in collaborative partnerships and grassroots networking.

The Health Policy Committee is working to have each state officially declare June by proclamation to be National Scoliosis Awareness Month. The Committee is ready to assist any member who would like to work with their local patients, hospitals or other institutions to combine the proclamations with patient stories to advocate for increased public awareness, promote early detection, and build networks to grow the campaign.

If you, your colleagues, and/or your patients are planning a Scoliosis Awareness Month event, please let us know by submitting it to our Patient Event Calendar.

We encourage any member interested in supporting National Scoliosis Awareness month to visit the SRS website or to contact Shawn Storey, or (414) 289-9107.


Chair: Karl E. Rathjen Committee: Richard M. Schwend, Past Chair; R. Dale Blasier; John M. Olsewski; Jonathan R. Stieber; David B. Bumpass (C); Jesse G. Eisler (C); Timothy P. McHenry (C); Elizabeth P. Norheim (C); Laurel C. Blakemore; Patrick J. Cahill, Chair Elect; Brian P. Hasley; Paul T. Rubery; Brian G. Smith; Joseph P. O'Brien, Advisory; David W. Polly Jr., Advisory; Jordan Vivian, Liaison