June 2020

Awards & Scholarships Committee Update

Aplaslan Senkoylu, MD
Awards & Scholarships Committee Chair

First of all, I wish all the best for our community at this difficult time.

We, as The Awards and Scholarship Committee Team, had a productive conference call on 5 April 2020. The main agenda of this call was to review nominees for awards and applications for scholars and fellowships. As previously announced, SRS Travelling Fellows Outside of North America have been already decided.

The Nominees for Member Recognition Awards including Life Time Achievement and Blount Humanitarian were evaluated and the result was reported to the Presidential Line for a final decision.

The next important task was to assess applications for the Edgar Dawson Traveling Fellowship, GOP Fellowship, Eduardo R. Luque Memorial Scholarship, and also GOP Scholarship. Our outstanding reviewers from the committee scored all very competitive candidates. After a final evaluation that was done during the conference call, Kenneth D. Illingworth and Kamran Majid were granted for the Edgar Dawson Traveling Fellowship and Saurabh Kapoor, Mohammed Fawzy Khattab, Zhi Zhao, and Sharif Ahmed Junayed were awarded for the GOP Fellowship. Committee members awarded the Eduardo R. Luque Scholarship to Rodrigo G. Remondino and Fernando Rios. Finally, Abhishek Mannem, Rakesh P. Dhake, Shumayou Dutta, Abhinandan M. Reddy, Shardul Soman, Saurabh Gupta, Valentyn Rogozynski, Rajdeep Singh Bakka, Anuj Gupta, Saijyot Santosh Raut, Mohamed Elkhososi, Sanyam Jains and Nima Derakhshan Almadarloo were awarded the GOP Scholarship.

We would encourage future applicants for these precious educational and networking opportunities. Please visit for detailed information.

The committee created a sub-committee for developing a weighting system for award applications to support diversity such as gender and geographic differences. This new weighing system aims to equalize these diverse candidates' chances of being evaluated more holistically.


Chair: Alpaslan Senkoylu Committee: Matthew E. Cunningham, Past Chair; Lindsay M. Andras, Program; Anthony S. Rinella; Suken A. Shah; Burt Yaszay; Nelson Astur (C); Theodore A. Belanger (C); Kai Coe (C); Dong-Gune Chang (C); Alan H. Daniels (C); Haruki Funao (C); Fernando A. Gomez Sr. (C); Hany AG Soliman (C); ZeZhang Zhu (C); Kenneth J. Paonessa, Chair Elect; Joseph H. Perra; David H. Clements, III; Hee Kit Wong; Kota Watanabe, Global Outreach; Nicholas D. Fletcher; Jung-Hee Lee; Kamran Majid; Surya P. Rao Voleti