June 2020

Education Resource Committee Update

Teresa Bas, MD, PhD
Education Resource Committee Chair

The SRS Education Resources Committee has been working to review, revise, and update the preexisting e-text chapters and to put these chapters into the 10 domains of the SRS Core Curriculum. Many thanks to the numerous committee members who have cooperated with this hard work. We are also following up with the authors of new chapters to see if they are still able to write them or not. If not, volunteers from ERC committee will help to write these new chapters by the end of September.

The enduring material on the website, including previous webinars, are being reviewed to ensure their educational integrity before incorporating them into the new core curriculum domains.

The ERC committee is working to create Orthobullets type synopsis at the beginning of each chapter along with review questions. We are very enthusiastic about this new project, which was in response to the helpful feedback provided by the Website Committee led by Joshua Pahys.  We will provide another update once the format is available.

A few members of the Growing Spine Committee and the Adult Deformity Committee are also helping to develop a competency-based curriculum for early onset scoliosis and adult spinal deformities with new chapters to be contributed by members of those committees.

Thank you very much to help of the SRS staff (Ashtin Neuschaefer and Courtney Kissinger) and the future chair of ERC Committee Ron El-Hawary.


Chair: Teresa Bas Committee: Andre LF Andujar; Donita I. Bylski-Austrow; Kern H. Guppy; Yukihiro Matsuyama; Joseph F. Baker (C); Andrei N. Baklanov (C); Christina K. Hardesty (C); Daniel G. Kang (C); Saad A. Khairi (C); Umesh S. Metkar (C); Yutaka Nakamura (C); Theodore J. Choma; Charles H. Crawford; Ryan C. Goodwin; Robert K. Lark; Ron El-Hawary, Chair Elect; Marilyn L.G. Gates (A); Yong Hai; Mohammed M. Mossaad (E); Paul T. Rubery Jr.