June 2020


David Alberto Meneses, MD
April 1956 - September 2019

David Alberto Meneses was born in April 1956 in Barranquilla Colombia and passed away in September 2019 in Bogotá, Colombia.

He completed his studies in Medicine at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, followed by his Orthopedics and Spine Surgery training in the same institution. He worked with Dr. Frank Eismont and Dr. Mark Brown at Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, FL, where he continued to deepen his studies as Spine Surgeon (1988). The focus of his career was aimed towards his interest in spinal disorders occurring in children and young adults, especially in cases with spinal deformities.

He became Clinical Professor of Spine Surgery at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (1988-2017), Professor Ad Honorem in Rosario University, El Bosque University, Cartagena University, Militar University, Los Andes University and Javeriana University, Colombia.

He contributed to the practice as Institutional Member of the Department of Trauma and Orthopedics Surgery at Fundacion Santa Fe de Bogotá, as Spine Surgeon at Roosevelt Institute, he was an active member of the AAOS, SRS, SCOOT, NASS and other medical organizations. During his career, he was published in over 58 peer-review studies and participated in more than 140 national and international congresses.

He was married for 35 years to his wife Claudia Patricia Duarte Gómez. They had two sons, Sebastián Meneses Duarte and Daniel Meneses Duarte.

I had the privilege of knowing him most of my professional career, and having him as a mentor in spine surgery. He was a scholar, a good friend and one of the best people and surgeon I have ever met. Since the day he left he has been deeply missed.

Written by Fernando Alvarado Gomez, MD and Maria Alejandra Asmar, MD.