June 2020

Patient Education Committee Update

William A. Phillips, MD
Patient Education Committee Chair

The patient education committee has been active. In January, we presented a webinar titled “Safety Considerations in AIS Surgery”. Doctors B. Garg, Lark, and Bonfield gave excellent presentations. The Hibbs award papers from last fall's Annual Meeting were summarized in an accessible manner by Drs. Lazarus (clinical) and Ohashi (basic science) and are now posted on the website. A “New and Emerging Technologies” section on the Patients and Families section of the SRS website with articles describing tethering (Dr. Lee), Apifix (Dr. Fuller), and robotic surgery (Dr. B. Garg) is being developed. Many committee members have volunteered to serve on the new “Ask a Doc” feature of the website. We were asked on very short notice to prepare an article about scoliosis to be included in a special section entitled “The future of personal health care” that will be published by USA Today in late June. Dr. Lee successfully led the effort with the assistance of Dr. Davey and myself. Our next task will be to start summarizing articles each month from the current spine literature to make research on spinal deformity more accessible to the public.


Chair: William A. Phillips Committee: Mark C. Lee, Past Chair; Evalina L. Burger; Toshiaki Kotani; Christopher Bonfield (C); Mohammadreza Etemadifar Sr. (C); Bhavuk Garg (C); Megan Johnson (C); David Lazarus (C); Kristopher M. Lundine (C); Masayuki Ohashi (C); Lucas Piantoni (C); Shiraz A. Younas (C); Joseph P. Davey, Chair Elect; Jonathan E. Fuller; Lisa Stringer (A); Robert K. Lark; Marissa M. Muccio (A); Carlos A. Tello; Joseph P. O'Brien, Advisory