June 2020

Program Committee Update

Lindsay M. Andras, MD
Program Committee Chair

It is my distinct pleasure to update everyone on the diligent work of the program committee in preparation for the upcoming Annual Meeting. The selection process was quite competitive with nearly 1,300 abstracts from 42 countries submitted this year that were scored by a team of 32 reviewers. At the suggestion of past Annual Meeting chairs, Greg Mundis and Firoz Miyanji we developed the concept of team leaders for each of the submission categories. This facilitated our ability to have a more detailed review and discussion of abstracts in each category.

Like most events scheduled to transpire this spring, we had to make a shift from the scheduled planning meetings that were expected to take place in Athens during IMAST. Although that was disappointing, the use of virtual meetings had several positive repercussions. The virtual component provided an opportunity to dedicate more time and to revisit aspects of program development as needed. Perhaps most importantly, it facilitated equal opportunity for discussion with our international colleagues who in prior years have too often been less present for the planning phases due to logistics.

Through this process, we have selected 155 podium presentations with many high level studies and a growing number of randomized control trials. In addition, there are 18 abstracts being presented in the Half-Day Courses and 12 case presentations. There were also 75 E-Posters selected and for the first time these will be narrated. The Education Committee has also been at work developing both pediatric and adult Half-Day Courses focusing on Non-Fusion Scoliosis Correction and Optimizing Value and Minimizing Complications, as well as several exciting Lunchtime Symposia. This year’s program will also feature some additional sessions focused on the early career surgeon. I am confident that both the pediatric and adult deformity spine surgeon will find both the abstract presentations and programing stimulating and insightful.

As Dr. Sponseller mentioned in his message, the Program and Education Committees are working on finalizing the virtual program, set to take place September 9-13. The agenda will be shared next week so that everyone can plan their schedules accordingly.


Chair: Lindsay M. Andras Committee: Firoz Miyanji, Past Chair; Ferran Pellise; John T. Smith; Samuel K. Cho, CME; Aaron J. Buckland (C); Lindsay Crawford (C); Eugenio Dema (C); Hamid Hassanzadeh (C); Ehsan Jazini (C); Sinan Kahraman (C); Deniz Konya (C); Qianyu Zhuang (C); Amer F. Samdani; Sebastien Charosky; Michael P. Kelly, Chair Elect; Khaled M. Kebaish; Joseph H. Perra; Shay Bess