June 2021

Bylaws & Policies Committee Update

J. Michael Wattenbarger, MD
Bylaws & Policies Committee Chair

The Bylaws & Policies Committee has had the chance to review two changes to date. The Organizational Structure Task Force has recommended the addition of a Communication Council Chair position to the Board of Directors. This change requires a Bylaws change. The Bylaws & Policies Committee reviewed the recommended changes, and approved them for Board review. During the March 14 Board Meeting, this change was approved. Next steps require a notice to Active Fellows 30 days prior to the Business Meeting, and then a member vote to approve the change during the Business Meeting. This notice will be sent out in mid-August.

The committee has also reviewed policy change suggestions regarding meeting site selection from the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Task Force which was approved by the Board of Directors.


Chair: John M. Wattenbarger Committee: Andrew A. Sama; Grant D. Hogue (C); Kevin M. Neal, Chair Elect; David Wayne Gray; Daryll C. Dykes