June 2021

CME Committee Update

Steven W. Hwang, MD
CME Committee Chair

The CME committee has continued to work consistently throughout the year ensuring SRS sponsored content meets the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) standards. CME committee members have diligently reviewed content prior to presentation and also performed post-hoc reviews to ensure that presented content is scientifically sound and unbiased, thus providing membership with updates on recent innovation while balancing scientific rigor. We created a short presentation for moderators/presenters to clarify allowed content to minimize confusion. Also, we have recently reformatted the post-meeting course surveys in hopes of providing more relevant feedback to improve future content based on membership needs. Ongoing work is being done to facilitate feedback during meetings with QR codes as well. We are open to any suggestions and welcome any members who want to help us improve the process!


Chair: Steven W. Hwang Committee: Samuel K. Cho, Past Chair; Paul D. Sponseller, Past President I; Amer Samdani, Education; James T. Bennett; Woojin Cho; Praveen V. Mummaneni; Ioannis Avramis (C); Kai Cao (C); Hamid Hassanzadeh (C); Saad A. Khairi (C); Umesh S. Metkar (C); Zeeshan M. Sardar (C); Suken A. Shah, Education Council Chair; David H. Clements; Patricia N. Kostial; Kevin Boon Leong Lim; Paul A. Glazer; Ann Hayes (A); Mark C. Lee