June 2021

Fellowship Committee Update

Jeffrey D. Coe, MD
Fellowship Committee Chair

The Fellowship Committee has completed the first of two rounds of new membership application reviews for the current cycle. The below-listed individuals have had their applications vetted by the Committee and subsequently approved for membership in the Society by the SRS Board of Directors & Presidential Line.

As outlined in the December 2020 Newsletter, SRS membership requirements have been recently simplified. For details follow this link, In addition to biannual vetting of new applicants for our society, the Fellowship Committee has been charged this year with reevaluating the processes for more experienced senior deformity surgeons to become members of our Society.  We are pleased to report that Committee arrived at a framework to simplify the process for worthy senior deformity surgeons to become members in our Society. This process is based on the Senior "Fast Track" program that was in effect between 2009-15. It is anticipated that the wording of these requirements will be finalized within the next several weeks.

We would like to welcome the following new members to our Society:

New Active Members

  • Fernando Alvarado Gomez Sr., MD, Bogotá, Colombia
  • Ali A. Baaj, MD, Phoenix, AZ, United States
  • Keith R. Bachmann, MD, Charlottesville, VA, United States
  • Junseok Bae, MD, Seoul, Korea
  • Christopher M. Bonfield, MD, Nashville, TN, United States
  • Jaysson T. Brooks, MD, Ridgeland, MS, United States
  • Chee Kidd Chiu, MBBS, MSOrth, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Dean Chou, MD, San Francisco, CA, United States
  • Christian P. DiPaola, MD, Worcester, MA, United States
  • Bhavuk Garg, MS, MRCS, FACS, New Delhi, India
  • Joseph P. Gjolaj, MD, Miami Beach, FL, United States
  • Jeffrey L. Gum, MD, Louisville, KY, United States
  • Calvin C. Kuo, MD, Walnut Creek, CA, United States
  • David M. Farrington, MD, Bormujos, AE, Spain
  • Tamas F. Fekete, MD, PhD, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Emmanuelle Ferrero, MD PhD, Paris, France
  • Michael J. Heffernan, MD, New Orelans, Louisiana, United States
  • Brice Ilharreborde, MD, PhD, Paris, France
  • Jan E. Klamar, MD, Columbus, OH, United States
  • Domingo Lombao, MD, Lugo, Spain
  • Darren F. Lui, FRCS (Tr & Orth), LONDON, AE, United Kingdom
  • Rajat Mahajan, MS, Delhi, AE, India
  • Emmanuel N. Menga, MD, Rochester, NY, United States
  • Joshua Murphy, MD, Atlanta, GA, United States
  • Masayuki Ohashi, MD, PhD, Niigata City, Japan
  • John C. Quinn, MD, Houston, TX, United States
  • Ra'Kerry K. Rahman, MD, Houston, TX, United States
  • Rodrigo G. Remondino, MD, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Walter P. Samora, MD, Columbus, OH, United States
  • Jonathan N. Sembrano, MD, Edina, MN, United States
  • Oliver M. Stokes, FRCS(Tr&Orth), MSc, Woodbury, AE, United Kingdom
  • Khoi D. Than, MD, Durham, NC, United States
  • YingSong Wang, MD, Kunming, Peoples Republic of China
  • Michelle C. Welborn, MD, Portland, OR, United States
  • Kwadwo Poku Yankey, MD, Accra, Ghana

New Candidate Members


  • Dana E. Adkins, MD, Norfolk, VA, United States
  • Christopher Alcala, MD, Minneapolis, MN, United States
  • Mohammed S. Alfkey Sr., MD, Mahalla, Algharbia, Egypt
  • Abdulmajeed Alzakri, MD, MSc, DESC Ortho, RIYADH, AE, Saudi Arabia
  • Mohammad Arif, FCPS, Peshawar, AE, Pakistan
  • Hoon Choi, MD PhD, Milwaukee, WI, United States
  • Rutledge C. Clement, MD, MBA, New Orleans, LA, United States
  • Eduardo C. Beauchamp, MD, Minneapolis, MN, United States
  •  Giedrius Bernotavicius, Vilnius, AE, Lithuania
  • Timothy C. Borden, MD, Houston, TX, United States
  • Daniel Bouton, MD, Portland, OR, United States
  • Ting Kuo Chang, MD, PhD, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Barkha Chhabra, MD, MPH, Houston, TX, United States
  • Torin J. Cunningham, MD, Newport Coast, CA, United States
  • Arizt I. De Leon, MD, Panama, AE, Panama
  • Biren Desai, MD, Cologne, Germany
  • Panagiotis Diaremes, Frankfurt, AE, Germany
  • Martin Estefan, MD, Nottingham, Argentina
  • Ryan P. Farmer, MD, Lafayette, LA, United States
  • Chi Kuang Feng, MD, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Jacob H. Fennessy, MD, Sacramento, CA, United States
  • Lorena V. Floccari, MD, Akron, OH, United States
  • Ricardo B. Fontes, Chicago, IL, United States
  • Joanna E. Gernsback, MD, Oklahoma City, OK, United States
  • Shahnawaz Haleem, MSc MRCS FRCS (T&O), BIRMINGHAM, AE, United Kingdom
  • Arun R. Hariharan, MD, MS, Fort Myers, Florida, United States
  • Dennis Hartig, BA, MA, MBBS, FRACS, Spring Hill, Australia
  • Michael P. Horan, Sr., MD MS, Lexington, SC, United States
  • Stephanie Ihnow, MD, Gainesville, FL, United States
  • Alvin C. Jones, MD, Dayton, OH, United States
  • Morgan Jones, Cheshire, AE, United Kingdom
  • Yoshihiro Katsuura, MD, New York, NY, United States
  • Neil Kaushal, Jersey City, NJ, United States
  • Eren O. Kuris, Providence, RI, United States
  • Hai V. Le, MD, Elk Grove, CA, United States
  • Jin Qian Liang, M.D., Beijing, Peoples Republic of China
  • Yuan-Shun Lo, MD, Tainan City, AE, Taiwan
  • Elizabeth L. Lord, MD, Venice, CA, United States
  • Craig R. Louer Jr., MD, Chapel Hill, NC, United States
  • Philip K. Louie, MD, New York, NY, United States
  • Christopher T. Martin, MD, Arden Hills, MN, United States
  • W.G. Stuart Mackenzie, MD, Wilmington, DE, United States
  • Virgilio Matheus, MD, Gotha, FL, United States
  • George McKay, MbChB, FRCS, PGDip, Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • Xianglong Meng, MD, Beijing, Peoples Republic of China
  • Ruben A. Morales Ciancio, MD, Mendoza, AE, Argentina
  • Sara Morgan, PhD, Minneapolis, MN, United States
  • Juan Esteban Muñoz Montoya, Sr., MD, Bogota, AE, Colombia
  • Hiroaki Nakashima, MD, PhD, Nagoya, AE, Japan
  • Ali Öner, Istanbul, , Turkey
  • Markian A. Pahuta, MD, PhD, DETROIT, MI- MICHIGAN, United States
  • Nicholas Pallotta, MD, Stony Brook, NY, United States
  • Amit H. Parekh, D.O., Miami, FL, United States
  • Ravi Patel, Sacramento, CA, United States
  • Nirmal D. Patil, MBBS MS DNB MRCS(UK), Chinchwad, Pune, AE, India
  • Rômulo Pedroza Pinheiro, Sr., MD, Ribeirão Preto, AE, Brazil
  • Tinnakorn Pluemvitayaporn, MD, Bangkok, AE, Thailand
  • Tulio Moura Rangel, MD, Recife, AE, Brazil
  • Pulak Ray, MD, Newark, DE, United States
  • Patrick C. Reid, New York, NY, United States
  • Jay S. Reidler, MD, MPH, Englewood, NJ, United States
  • William J. Richardson, MD, Durham, NC, United States
  • Jaren Riley, Aurora, CO, United States
  • Marcelo I. Risso Neto, PhD, Sao Paulo, AE, Brazil
  • Todd F. Ritzman, MD, Akron, OH, United States
  • Glenn S. Russo, Guilford, CT, United States
  • Bahar Shahidi, PT, PhD, La Jolla, CA, United States
  • Alexander Spiessberger, San Francisco, CA, United States
  • Ashley Startzman, DO, Temple, TX, United States
  • Comron Saifi, MD, Philadelphia, PA, United States
  • Rajiv Saigal, MD, PhD, Bellevue, WA, United States
  • Ahmed Ibrahim Salama, Zagazig, Egypt
  • Arjun Sebastian, MD, Rochester, MN, United States
  • Anand H. Segar, MD, PhD, FRACS, Auckland, AE, New Zealand
  • Clovis Castanho Silveira, Jr., MD, Sao Paulo, AE, Brazil
  • Darya D. Tesakova, PhD, Minsk, AE, Belarus
  • Heiller Torres Valencia, MD, Armenia, AE, Colombia
  • Andrew J. Trontis, MD, MS, Beverly Hills, CA, United States
  • Miranda L. Van Hooff, MSc PhD, Nijmegen, Netherlands
  • Anand Veeravagu, Stanford, CA, United States
  • Hugo Vilchis Samano, Ciudad de Mexico, AE, Mexico
  • Andrew C. Vivas, MD, New York, NY, United States
  • Meng-Huang Wu, MD, PhD, Taipei, Taiwan

New Associate Members

  • Jennifer A. Rabbitts, MD
  • Crystal Seilhamer, APRN, FNP-C, CNOR

Members Moved to Emeritus Status

  • Keith Bridwell, MD
  • James Cain, MD
  • Pat Kostial
  • Hani Mhaidle, MD
  • David Prince Roye, MD
  • Barton Sachs, MD
  • Hassan Serhan, MD
  • Theodore Wagner, MD
  • Jim Youseff, MD

I look forward to completing this term with my co-committee members, Baron S. Lonner, Past Chair; Matthew E. Oetgen, Chair Elect; Darrell S. Hanson; Brian G. Smith and Jwalant Mehta. We look forward to vetting many new potential members on behalf of the SRS.

Chair: Jeffrey D. Coe Committee: Baron S. Lonner, Past Chair; Matthew Oetgen, Chair Elect; Darrell S. Hanson; Brian G. Smith; Jwalant Mehta