June 2021

IMAST Committee Update

David L. Skaggs, MD, MMM
IMAST Committee Chair

Make room in your schedule to review the recorded sessions, abstracts, e-posters, and company workshops before the course closes at the end of June. This meeting offers timely education on innovation in spine deformity, CME credits, and a count toward SRS Membership meeting requirements.

For a special spotlight on the Whitecloud winning paper, “The Harms Study Group Retrospective Comparison Study on Anterior Vertebral Body Tethering (AVBT) versus Posterior Spinal Fusion (PSF) for Primary Thoracic Curves,” check out the Scoliosis Dialogues: An SRS Podcast interview with author-presenter, Peter Newton, MD. The paper reported in every area in which a significant difference was found between a spine fusion and tether, the spine fusion had superior outcomes, including post-operative patient self-image.

We saw consistent attendance with learners joining from all over the world for the 28th IMAST during the live weekend. On average, there were about 85 live views of the 13 sessions with view rates continuing to rise with the on-demand option still available. Overall, there were about 450 registrants to this year’s meeting which is about 1/3 of the total in 2020 (keep in mind 2020 was free.) Of the 450 registrants, 92% are physicians/allied health/researchers/students/other with the other 8% is industry.

The IMAST Committee is currently accepting proposals for education sessions (ICL, Debate, Panel, Etc.) for the 29th IMAST scheduled for April 6-9, 2022 in Miami, USA. Proposals must focus on innovation and cutting-edge technology.


Chair: David L. Skaggs Committee: Han Jo Kim, Past Chair; Rick C. Sasso; Burt Yaszay; Juan S. Uribe; Ahmet Alanay, Chair Elect; Ilkka J. Helenius; Eric O. Klineberg; Tyler Koski; Brian Hsu; Jean-Charles Le Huec; Stefan Parent, Vice Chair; Per D. Trobisch