June 2021


Steven D. Glassman, MD

In 2016 the SRS research grant committee awarded funding to a project designed to establish a unified framework for the evaluation of adult spinal deformity surgery. As the prevalence of surgical treatment for adult spinal deformity has increased around the world, common outcome metrics are necessary to facilitate useful evaluation across a wide range of surgical treatment strategies.

Through this project, standardization of core outcomes measures for adult spinal deformity was proposed using a modified Delphi approach, facilitated through a globally representative panel of spinal deformity surgeons. This effort, led by Dr. Marinus DeKleuver, represents the work of many SRS members and is a demonstration of the dedication of those members to the advancement of spinal deformity care.

Importantly, and as emphasized by the authors, the proposed framework should serve as a starting point for the routine and systematic collection and monitoring of outcomes for adult spinal deformity surgery. This shared goal is critical to the SRS mission to foster optimal care for spinal deformity patients.