March 2016

E-Text Committee Update

John C. France, MD
E-Text Committee Chair

E-Text is now available in an iBook format and can be downloaded from the SRS website onto any Apple device for $29.99 USD.  It will also remain available through the website and is available to nonmembers as well as members for viewing purposes.  It is a great tool for resident and fellow education on spinal deformity and I would encourage programs to incorporate it into their spinal education curriculum.

We have begun a rolling revision of each of the E-Text chapters.  Each chapter will be updated in a rolling fashion over the next three years with an anticipation that the E-Text will always be current within three years at all times.  Those of you that have contributed chapters may receive notification of the need for revision and we hope to make use of other members for contributions.  Many of the chapters simply require an update of current literature and/or techniques, but there may also be suggestions for enhancing the chapters with additional illustration, radiographs, photos or videos to continue to improve the product. There will also be five new chapters:

  1. Neurologic Complications and Their Management
  2. Proximal and Distal Junctional Kyphosis and Failure (Prevention Strategies and Treatment)
  3. Anterior and Lateral Interbody Correction Techniques
  4. Nomenclature in Spine Deformity
  5. History and Physical Examination in the Spine Deformity Patient.

The table of contents is also in the process of being reorganized to create better grouping of chapters for ease of reference.  Videos are an area that could use a bolster and if anyone has or would like to create a good video to be incorporated into the E-Text, would be welcomed and should contact Ashtin Neuschaefer at or myself. 

Chair: John C. France, MD Committee: Matthew P. Newton Ede, FRCS T&O; Patrick A. Sugrue, MD; Chris Chan Yin Wei, MS Orth; Sanjeev Suratwala, MD, FACS, FAAOS; Amer F. Samdani, MD; Mohammed M. Mossaad, MD