March 2017

Historical Committee Update

George H. Thompson, MD
SRS Historian

Since the Annual Meeting & Course in Prague, the Historical Committee has had a conference call in which members of the committee were assigned items for the timeline to provide a brief synopsis on.  These items will be added to the online timeline by early summer.

Additionally, the committee is continuing their work on adding to the SRS video archives of interviews.  During AAOS, Behrooz Akbarnia and I will be completing our interviews.  There will be limited opportunities to record interviews at the Annual Meeting in Philadelphia this year.  That being said, the committee will share a videographer with the Patient Education Committee and plans on completing 1-2 interview while in Philadelphia.

We are continuing to try and acquire the study material from the George Dommissee collection of slides on blood flow of the spinal cord for the SRS Archives.  Hopefully we will also receive academic material from The Alf Nachemson estate.

As always, we are saddened by the losses of our friends and colleagues in recent months.  Since my last report, we have lost Pier Giorgio Marchett, MD; Klaus Zielke, MD; and James Holmblad, MD.  Dr. Holmblad was a founding member.

Chair: George H. Thompson, MD Committee: Behrooz A. Akbarnia, MD; Jason E. Lowenstein, MD; Terry D. Amaral, MD; Alejo Vernengo-Lezica, MD; Patricia N. Kostial, BSN, RN; Jay Shapiro, MD; Hani Mhaidli, MD, PhD