March 2018

Communications Committee Update

Vidyadhara Srinivasa, MS, DNB, FNB
Communications Committee Chair

Greetings! The Communications Committee has been successfully delivering the quarterly Newsletter of the SRS on time as before. The Newsletter is aimed to disseminate information about SRS activities and opportunities in order to increase engagement of all SRS members in society activities. We are working with the Website Committee in promoting the value and benefits of SRS (research, education, etc.) through the website, newsletter, and other communication avenues.

We assess and refine the committee articles schedule with input from Council and/or Committee Chairs in order to publish the appropriate number of reports from committees based on activities and coincide with activity levels during the year (i.e. timing of awards or scholarships, fellowship decisions, research grant selections, etc). We are in the process of innovating new methods of communication to global membership and worldwide patients. We are keen on re-discovering ourselves on social media such as WhatsApp, LinkedIn, etc in addition to Facebook.


Chair: Vidyadhara Srinivasa Committee: John P. Lubicky, Past Chair; Justin S. Smith; Nelson Carvalho (C); Christina Hardesty (C); Ajay Kothari (C); Hillard Spencer (C); James Harrop; Yan Wang, Chair Elect; Brain G. Smith, Ex Officio