March 2018

E-Text Committee Update

Amer F. Samdani, MD
E-Text Committee Chair

The E-Text Committee is continuing to review, revise, and update the existing E-Text chapters on the website. Currently, 12 chapters are undergoing revision in an effort to keep the information fresh and up to date. Two new chapters have been completed and will be uploaded soon - “Risk Stratification for Adult Deformity” and “Genetic Prognostic Testing in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis.” In addition, we are consolidating E-text content to limit the total number of chapters.

A major initiative for the committee has been to reorganize the E- text to comply with the 10 knowledge domains as defined by the Educational Task Force. We are in the final stages of this reorganization, which will serve as the platform for future SRS related educational endeavors.

I would encourage anyone who has any suggestions for improving the E-Text experience to mention them to me or to our staff liasion, Kathy Blanke. Thank you!


Chair: Amer F. Samdani Committee: Paloma Bas Hermida (C); Hamid Hassanzadeh (C); Kristopher M. Lundine (C); Baron Zarate Kalfopulos (C); Mohammed M. Mossaad; Teresa Bas, Chair Elect; Robert K. Lark