March 2018

Education Task Force Update

Kenneth MC Cheung, MD
Education Task Force Chair

The role of the Education Task Force is to help formulate a plan to enhance the education programs within SRS with reference to the latest adult learning principles.

As I reported in my presidential address in September in Philadelphia, we have developed our own deformity curriculum, our own brand with the Current Concepts Courses and we continue to reach a global audience by rotating our Current Concepts Courses and Hands-On Courses around the world. The next course will be held 12-14 April 2018 in Bordeaux, France. The course chairs and co-chairs Ibrahim Obeid, Kariman Abelin Genevois and Martin Repko have put together and outstanding program taking into account regional needs, please go to for more information.

Between 8-9 December 2017, a Chairs Training Course was organized for SRS educational leaders, course chairs, and prospective course chairs. We invited Dr. Joe Green, an experienced consultant in medical education to lead the course. During the meeting, concepts including Needs Assessment, Educational Design, and Role of the Chair were discussed with time given for each of the prospective chairs to reflect on how this new-found knowledge would impact on the way they organize their respective course. Overall, it was felt that the course provided some great ideas for improvement, there was general enthusiasm to make changes to the way we organize meetings, and a feeling that more of such courses need to be organized in future.

All of our future meetings will be influenced, so do look out for changes in our upcoming meetings and courses.

Chair Training Course Attendees


Chair: Kenneth MC Cheung Committee: Laurel C. Blakemore; Marinus de Kleuver; John R. Dimar; Lawrence L. Haver; Praveen Mummaneni; Luis Munhoz da Rocha; Rajiv K. Sethi; Daniel J. Sucato; Muharrem Yazici