March 2018

Growing Spine Committee Update

James O. Sanders, MD
Growing Spine Committee Chair

The SRS Growing Spine Committee has several priorities this year. Educationally, the committee has a webinar planned for June on challenges in early onset scoliosis including whether we actually help lung function, the anesthesia risk in children, and selection and challenges of the various early onset scoliosis growth friendly devices. Additionally, we are working with the E-Text Committee on updating the early onset scoliosis content and also with the Education Task Force on proper growing spine content for the Core Curriculum.

From the research side, the committee is exploring ways of using the M&M database to learn more about early onset deformity perioperative issues. The committee is beginning to find what is known and priorities for what must still be learned about early onset deformity to develop quality shared decision making tools. Finally, the committee is exploring ways to meet the SRS research mission through positive interaction with the existing growing spine study groups and registries.


Chair: James O. Sanders Committee: Scott J. Luhmann, Past Chair; Nigel J. Price; Amer F. Samdani; Mehmet B. Balioglu (C); David M. Farrington (C); Sumeet Garg (C); Matthew A. Halanski (C); Jan E. Klamar (C); Aroldo C. Legarreta (C); Andre L. Loyelo Barcellos (C); J. Naresh-Babu (C); Javier Pizones (C); Benjamin D. Roye (C); YingSong Wang (C); Andre Luis F. Andujar; Teresa Bas; Jeff B. Pawelek (A); Peter F. Sturm, Chair Elect; Ron El-Hawary; Colin Nnadi; Eric D. Shirley; Lawrence L. Haber; Romasz Kotwicki; William A. Phillips