March 2018

Safety & Value Committee Update

Michael G. Vitale, MD, MPH
Safety & Value Committee Chair

The Safety and Value Committee continues to have a productive year. Committee Members are working on an invited, “state of the art,” review on safety in deformity surgery, to be published in the Spine Deformity Journal this spring.

On the educational front, the Safety & Value Committee will host a joint webinar with POSNA focusing on specific ways and examples through which we can improve the value of spine deformity care. The webinar is tentatively scheduled for June 12, with the following preliminary program.

  • What is value, how is it measured, and why does it matter? - James Sanders, MD
  • Improving value through team performance - CUSP - Michael Vitale, MD, MPH and Lisa McCloud
  • Using lean process to improve AIS care value - Matthew Oetgen, MD
  • Teams and lean to improve high cost OR throughput - John Flynn, MD
  • Decreasing blood loss and the value proposition - Suken Shah, MD
  • Standard work and minimizing cost in complex patients - Nicholas Fletcher, MD
  • Improving value in adult spine care - Rajiv Sethi, MD

The committee has also finalized a list of core elements which we feel are important to optimize the quality safety and value of what we do, which includes:

  1. Participation in local, regional or societal quality and safety committee.
  2. Participation in a course or webinar relevant to spine safety.
  3. Use of some risk severity score for spine
  4. Use of preoperative interdisciplinary indications conferences
  5. Use of standardized intraoperative checklist
  6. Use of standardized care pathways

Committee members are now exploring ways to bring this list to the attention of SRS members. The next steps for this project will be to develop specific examples in each of the categories on the list. Committee members are also in talks with both malpractice carriers and payors on ways in which we can partner towards the common goal of improving quality, safety and value in spine deformity care.


Chair: Michael G. Vitale Committee: Rajiv Sethi, Past Chair; David S. Marks; Wael Alkasem (C); Brian K. Brighton (C); Fabio Ferri-de-Barros (C); Frank T. Gerow (C); Michael P. Glotzbecker (C); Yazeed Gussous (C); Michael J. Heffernan (C); Robert S. Lee (C); Addisu Mesfin (C); Robert F. Murphy (C); Rolf B. Riise (C); Matthew F. Halsey, Chair Elect; XueSong Zhang; Ahmet Alanay; Lloyd A. Hey