March 2018

Website Committee Update

Todd Milbrandt, MD, MS
Website Committee Chair

The website committee has been working through previous initiatives. We continue to monitor the look and feel of the new website and its impact on our readership. In addition, a manuscript is in progress documenting that change. The committee also continues to update and upgrade the current site and would encourage our members to submit problems they see with the site to me. Our social medial task force has assembled a proposal for an Annual Meeting Lunchtime Symposium which has been accepted as a Webinar for Professionals later this year. We successfully recorded more interviews with the Patient Education committee for the website and are editing these for future publication on the website. The final initiative is the SRS Surgical Video Theater. We are gathering bids for building a specific area of the website dedicated to video (both educational and surgical technique). Stay tuned for how you might be able to contribute to this exciting website enhancement!


Chair: Todd Milbrandt Committee: Ron El-Hawary, Past Chair; Timothy R. Kuklo; Ahmad Nassr; Alan H. Daniels (C); Christina K. Hardesty (C); Michael P. Kelly (C); A. Noelle Larson (C); Jung-Hee Lee (C); Domingo Lombao (C); Paul Park (C); Denis Sakai (C); Zeeshan M. Sardar (C); Byron F. Stephens (C); David H. Clements III, CME; Amer F. Samdani, E-Text; George H. Thompson, Historian; Sanjeev J. Suratwala, Patient Ed; Suken A. Shah, Education; Peter D. Angevine; Lloyd A. Hey; Robert P C Huang; Harold J.P. Van Bosse; Michelle S. Caird; Joshua M. Pahys, Chair Elect