March 2019

Safety & Value Committee Update

Matthew F. Halsey, MD
Safety & Value Committee Chair

The Safety and Value Committee continues to work toward promoting and disseminating those elements of care in spinal deformity that maximize patient wellness. To that end, the committee is focused on creating a centralized SRS-hosted repository of various elements that promote safety including standardized preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative checklists, standardized care pathways, risk severity score calculators, and papers describing best practices (e.g. interdisciplinary indications conferences).

Furthermore, the committee will also be updating the SRS Neuromonitoring Information Statement as there have been substantive changes in the understanding of this important intraoperative modality. The focus of the changes will be on best practices with respect to the personnel involved in performing the neuromonitoring, how best to respond to a neuromonitoring alert, and a strengthening of the concluding statement supporting the routine use of this modality.

Finally, the committee is preparing a survey of the SRS membership that will evaluate the typical manner in which neuromonitoring is performed. This will perhaps highlight those areas where we are in agreement, as well as those areas where there is controversy or lack of complete understanding. This will likely be sent out in the next month or two.


Chair: Matthew F. Halsey Committee: Michael G. Vitale, Past Chair; Robert K. Eastlack; Charla R. Fischer; XueSong Zhang; Ali A. Baaj (C); Arvindera Ghag (C); Daniel G. Kang (C); Robert F. Murphy (C); Scott Rosenfeld (C); Paulo Silva Ramos (C); Ahmet Alanay; Sherif M. El Ghamry; Lloyd A. Hey, Chair Elect; P. Justin Tortolani; Christopher P. Ames; Sajan K. Hegde; Karen S. Myung; Michael L. Schmitz