March 2020

Education Committee Update

Baron S. Lonner, MD
Education Committee Chair

I have the honor and privilege of assuming the Chairmanship of the Education Committee which is tasked with developing educational content for the annual meeting, webinars, and working with other committees including Worldwide Course, IMAST, and CME under the umbrella of the Education Council. The Education Committee has been hard at work vetting many high-level proposals that were submitted for the various educational venues. We have created a subcommittee to advance the Pre-Meeting Course (PMC)Our subcommittee is working with SRS members in the Phoenix area to assist in developing our program. Special thanks to those members, including Michael Chang, MD; Dennis Crandall, MD; Jud Karlen MD; Bill Stevens MD; and Greg White MD, for their assistance. The PMC will focus on the role of interdisciplinary evaluation and peri-operative care of the spinal deformity patient.

The following topics have been chosen for educational content for our membership.

Pre-Meeting Course:

Interdisciplinary Care of the Spinal Deformity Patient

Half-Day Courses:

Pediatrics: Non-Fusion Scoliosis Surgery

Adult: Optimizing Value and Minimizing Complications in ASD Surgery

Lunchtime Symposia:

Innovations in Decision Making and Corrective Strategies in Adult and Pediatric Spinal Deformity

Non-Operative Treatment of Scoliosis in the Pediatric and Adult Patient including SSE and Bracing

Advancements in Interbody Fusion Techniques: The Key to Minimally Invasive Deformity Surgery

From Graduation to Board Certification: Career Planning for the Young Surgeon


Don’t Forget the Legs: Spinopelvic-extremity Alignment and Assessment in the Treatment of Spinal Deformities

Enabling Technologies in ASD

Intraoperative Difficulties Mitigation

Quality and Performance Improvement Programs

Controversies in Early Onset Scoliosis Treatment

Ethical Considerations

Best Papers IMAST

Best Papers Annual Meeting

I look forward to seeing many of you at the Annual Meeting and to discussing our educational offerings for this year as well as your suggestions and opinions on gaps in our educational program for next year and beyond.


Chair: Baron S. Lonner Committee: Burt Yaszay, Past Chair; Lindsay M. Andras, Program; Samuel K. Cho, CME; Marco Brayda-Bruno; Michael D. Daubs; Ali A. Baaj (C); Keith R. Bachmann (C); Andrei N. Baklanov (C); Alexandre F. Cristante (C); Stephen G. George Jr. (C); Mari Louise Groves (C); Michael D. Paloski (C); Ahmet Alanay; Charles E. Johnston; Stephen W. Hwang; Yong Qiu; Amer F. Samdani, Chair Elect; Saumyajit Basu, WWC; Munish C. Gupta; Stefan Parent; Justin S. Smith