March 2020

Education Resource Committee Update

Teresa Bas, MD, PhD
Education Resource Committee Chair

The SRS Education Resources Committee, led by Teresa Bas and Ron El-Hawary, is continuing to review, revise and update the existing E-text chapters to ensure their educational integrity before incorporating them into new SRS 10 core curriculum’s domains.

Currently the committee members have reviewed 22 existing chapters and other committee members are writing new chapters to fill in gaps in the content of the current educational content including:

State of the art on minimally invasive Spine Surgery in Deformity,

Pre-op Optimization, State of the art on Clinical Outcomes in Deformity Surgery,

New technologies in Spine Deformity Surgery-Robotics and Navigation,

Patient selection for minimally invasive approaches to adult spinal deformity

The members of the committee are reviewing enduring materials such as previous Webinars and adding them into the Knowledge Domains

Casting for Early Onset Scoliosis - Why, When and How

Intraspinal Anomalies and Spine Deformity

Improving Value of Scoliosis Care: Real Life Lessons from the Field

Early Onset Scoliosis: Challenges and Controversies

Spondylolysis and Spondylolisthesis: A Case Based Discussion of Contemporary Treatment Guidelines Based on Evidence

Leveraging Social Media to Improve Your Practice

Spinal Global Outreach: 101 to Advanced Degree

Vertebral Body Tethering: Past, Present, and Future

Value of Predictive Analytics in Adult Spine Deformity

Spinal Tumors: A Case-Based Discussion

Neuromuscular Scoliosis - Transition from Pediatric to Adult Care

Radiation Reduction Strategies and Cutting Edge Imaging Technologies for Spinal Deformity

The Growing Spine CommitteeAdult Deformity Committee, and Website Committee have also been tasked to create new and current topics for their domains and to formulate a plan to host the SRS core curriculum in variety of formats: Power pointsWebinars and videos.

The chapters are up to date reviews of the topics, well referenced with the opportunity to potentially be condensed into State-of-the-Art Reviews (SAR) for publication after peer review in the Spinal Deformity Journal.

The SRS has provided extensive resources to support the new ERC committee and new learning material is developed in response to surgeons needs.  Courses, symposia, webinarwebcast, journals and videos are serving as the main drivers for reviewing, creating and organizing the SRS global educational output into a concise educational platform accessible to spinal deformity experts worldwide The SRS offers a wide range of learning resources to deliver relevant educational content .The committee has enthusiastically embraced this project, with the critical help of the SRS staff anhope to continue to expand the multi-year development and organization of the Society’s educational content.


Chair: Teresa Bas Committee: Amer Samdani, Past Chair; A. Noelle Larson; Mauricio Montalvo; Mohammed M. Mossaad (E); Matthew E. Oetgen; Juan S. Uribe; Kariman Abelin Genevois (C); Joseph F. Baker (C); Paolma Bas Hermida (C); Shane Burch (C); Paul C. Celestre (C); Dean Chou (C); D. Kojo Hamilton (C); Christina K. Hardesty (C); Wade K. Jensen (C); Daniel G. Kang (C); Michael P. Kelly (C); Calvin C. Kuo (C); Kenny Kwan (C); Addisu Mesfin (C); Luiz Muller Avila (C); Andrea Piazzolla (C); Kris Radcliff (C); Dominique A. Rothenfluh (C); Daniel M. Sciubba (C); Qianyu Zhuang (C); Andre LF Andujar; Donita I. Bylski-Austrow; Kern H. Guppy; Yukihiro Matsuyama; Theodore J. Choma; Charles H. Crawford; Ryan C. Goodwin; Robert K. Lark; Ron El-Hawary, Chair Elect