March 2020

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Worldwide Course Committee Update

Saumyajit Basu, MD
Worldwide Course Committee Chair

The three main activities for the Worldwide Course committee are the traditional Worldwide Courses (WWC), the Current Concept in Spine Deformity Courses (CCSD) and the Spine Deformity Solutions: A Hands-On Course (SDS).

In 2019 SRS was present at the ASSICON, SILACO-GEER, and the Mexican National Orthopaedic Society Worldwide course meetings. These are held in conjunction with regional society meetings during which we set a portion of the program to focus on spine deformity. These “ambassador” courses continue to help SRS strengthen regional connections as well all work toward accomplishing the SRS mission. We had 2 SDS courses – in Istanbul and in Bangkok which went off very well with participants sharing excellent feedback as the course was focused on cadaveric lab activity with state-of-the-art facilities. The CCSD courses were held in Istanbul and in Tokyo where the chairs and faculty paid special attention to tailoring the content to relevant regional needs. We will continue to work on creating programs that consider specific regional needs to underscore the desire for progressive changes in our learners’ practice for the betterment of their patients.

Our course agenda is:


February 21 | WWC Cartagena, Colombia with Colombian Society of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology and the Colombian Spine Society, Course Chair Fernando Alvarado and in memory of David Meneses

March 13-14 | CCSD Florianopolis, Brazil with Chair Andre Andujar and Co-Chair Luis Munhoz da Rocha

June 17-19 | SDS Nijmegen, Netherlands with Chairs Ahmet Alanay and Marinus de Kleuver

October 30-31 | WWC Shenzhen, China with Chinese Scoliosis Research Society
     *These Shenzhen WWC dates are tentative.*

November 12-14 | SDS Singapore with Chairs Ahmet Alanay and Hee Kit Wong

December 11-12 | CCSD Warsaw, Poland with Chairs Pawel Grabala and Martin Repko

*our Shenzhen WWC with Chinese SRS has been currently postponed


February 25-26 | WWC Patna, India with ASSICON

November 6-7 | CCSD Taipei, Taiwan with Chair Shu-Hua Yang

We have just finished our WWC in Cartagena and received the warmest welcome from our hosts. The lively discussion and good engagement underscores the importance of and interest in deformity in Latin America. We followed up this WWC with a two-day course in Florianopolis, Brazil in March. Dr. Andujar created a program with some unique traits that included a live casting demonstration, a session on HRQoL, and an opportunity for learners to speak directly to faculty about their own cases. Our upcoming program in Warsaw will soon be complete and our 2021 courses confirmed.

The committee will meet during the annual meeting in Phoenix, Tuesday, September 8.


Chair: Saumyajit Basu Committee: Benny T. Dahl, Past Chair; Baron S. Lonner, Education; Steven M. Mardjetko; Martin Repko; Raphael D. Adobor (C); Moyo C. Kruyt (C); Gabriel K.P. Liu (C); Raphael M. Marcon (C); Abhay Nene (C); Paul Park (C); Tushar N. Rathod (C); Ratko Yurac Sr. (C); Feng Zhu (C); John A.I. Ferguson; Hossein Mehdian; Timothy S. Oswald; Kota Watanabe, Global Outreach; Christopher P. Ames; Andre L. F. Andujar; Michael S. Chang