March 2021

Safety & Value Committee Update

Christopher P. Ames, MD
Safety & Value Committee Chair

The 2020-2021 Safety & Value Committee continues to further develop and refine the core safety checklist project begun under past chair Lloyd Hey. Individual checklist modules will undergo formalized priority weighting to determine the critical versus optional component designations. Once this is formalized and agreed upon by the research council, this will be made available to all members via the SRS website. These checklists can then be customized to the needs and requirements of individual surgeons and sites.

In addition, the Safety & Value Committee has begun a new core project reviewing currently available risk and outcome prediction tools in the adult and pediatric surgical population. The goal will be to determine in a formalized way utilizing user experience survey tools how well existing platforms meet the needs of members and their patients. Hopefully this analysis will provide guidance in SRS research project prioritization, future prediction tool development and their ideal user experiences to facilitate usage by SRS membership.


Chair: Christopher P. Ames Committee: Lloyd A. Hey, Past Chair; Sajan K. Hegde; Karen S. Myung; Michael L. Schmitz; Franklin K. Gettys (C); Antonio Hurtado (C); Mark E. Oppenlander (C); Dominick A. Tuason (C); Vijay Yanamadala (C); David W. Gray; Themistocles S. Protopsaltis; Richard M. Schwend; John T. Smith; Michael Glotzbecker, Chair Elect; William Francis Lavelle; Firoz Miyanji; Vikas V. Varma