March 2022

Safety and Value Committee

Michael P. Glotzbecker, M.D.
Safety and Value Committee Chair

The 2021-2022 Safety and Value committee is focused on two main initiatives. The first is to finalize and refine the core safety checklist project begun under past chairs Lloyd Hey and Chris Ames. The checklist was refined through electronic surveys and communication. The checklist results were submitted as an abstract to the SRS annual meeting from the SV committee.

We recently had a first round of a virtual delphi meeting, and hope that with one additional meeting that the list can be finalized. Once this is formalized and agreed upon by the research council, this will be made available to all members via the SRS website. These checklists can then be customized to the needs and requirements of individual surgeons and sites. The goal is for an efficient checklist that can reduce errors and minimize postoperative complications

In addition, the Safety and Value committee has begun a new initiative to create and populate a resource library on the SRS website. We have split into pediatric and adult teams, and will create an organizational structure for Checklists, guidelines, key publications, and videos and webinars that will be accessible to the SRS membership. The goal is to create a road map that can be utilized by other committees to organize content in a similar/standardized way.