March 2022

Website Committee

Cristina Sacramento, MD, PhD
Website Committee Chair

The website committee is working to improve the navigation of the website, making its content more attractive by simplifying the information and redistributing it so that we can eliminate redundant links.

The different members have been distributed by groups according to the different sections with an initial preponderant work of the candidate members on which active members will later discuss their proposals.

In this initial phase, we are presenting brainstorming and proposals for improvement, with the aim of establishing an agreement among all.

In a second phase, we will try to highlight the most important content that must be compacted to favor its reading and avoid rapid abandonment of the page, before exploring its different areas. It will be evaluated which content is more relevant and which should be relegated to the background or eliminated.

We will try to facilitate faster and more organized access to the different audiovisual content, promoting visual icons for information search in an attempt to reduce redundant lines of text.

In a more advanced phase, we will try to make content proposals that must be updated with the most attractive new technological formats for viewing.