September 2017

Global Outreach Committee Update

Ferran Pellisé, MD, PhD
Global Outreach Committee Chair

The Global Outreach Committee has worked hard to accomplish the committee charges and develop its main priorities: GOP Road-Map and new online GOP database.

Our website has been recently updated and new educational material is now available. The FOCOS Hospital halo-gravity traction (HGT) system video is now accessible online. The video is an excellent opportunity to learn how to build HGT-walker and wheelchair frames.

The new, simple, practical, and M&M compatible online GOP database has been piloted and is accessible online. This “basic” database will replace trip reports and become the prospective registry of SRS GOP activity. To submit your GOP report, please click here. To request report data, please email Lily Atonio at

The GOP Road Map has been discussed and agreed with committee members and GOP site leaders and is now being refined. Three site categories based on infrastructure, surgical activity and reporting are considered. Educational SRS endorsement shall be increased for sites continuously accomplishing reporting duties. A positive bias for GOP associated applicants will be added when applying to awards and scholarships linked to global outreach.

At the Annual Meeting in Philadelphia the GOP Lunchtime Symposium will be entitled “SRS GOP Mission Trips – How to be Effective and Safe at a Reduced Cost”. During this Symposium you will hear from members of the GOP Committee and representatives from SRS-GOP Endorsed Sites about tips and tools that can help us all to make care effective and safe at a reduced cost in GOP Missions and Activities.

We actively seek participation of all SRS members in our outreach program. Please take a look at the new updated interactive world map including all our sites and participate in the GOP activities at the Annual Meeting to interact with site leaders and to network.

The GOP Committee wants to publicly thank the SRS staff liaison, Lily Atonio, for the superb job done over the year providing advice, input and contributing to the development of the above mentioned committee projects.


Chair: Ferran Pellisé Committee: J. Michael Wattenbarger, Chair Elect; Saumyajit Basu; Gregory M. Mundis; Phyllis d'Ambra (A); Benny T. Dahl (WWC); Raphael D. Adobor (C); Carlos A. Aguiar (C); Donald J. Blaskiewicz (C); Antonio Hurtado (C); Seung-Jae Hyun (C); Brice Ilharreborde (C); Timothy P. McHenry (C); Edward K Nomoto (C); Shoji Seki (C); Akin Ugras (C); Andrew G. King; Elias C. Papadopoulos; Edward P. Southern; Vidyadhara Srinivasa; Christopher J. Bergin; Hani H. Mhaidli; Kan Min; Dheera Ananthakrishnan, Orthopaedic Link Liaison; Bettye A. Wright (E), ex officio