September 2017

Nominating Committee Update

David W. Polly, Jr., MD
Nominating Committee Chair

The first step for the Nominating Committee was to issue a Call for Nominations to members, asking for nominations for the positions of Vice President, Secretary Elect, Research Council Chair Elect, three Directors at Large (one of whom should be age 45 or younger, if a qualified candidate is available), and one member of the Fellowship Committee. Nominations were open from December 1, 2016 to March 1, 2017, with a large number of very qualified individuals nominated.

In addition, the committee each year reviews a list of potential candidates who have fulfilled basic criteria for service on the Board of Directors. Those include:

  • All nominees must be Active Fellows in good standing
  • Nominees for the position of Director at Large or Council Chair Elect should have chaired at least one committee
  • Nominees for the position of Vice President, Secretary Elect or Treasurer Elect should have served on the Board as either a Director at Large or Council Chair
  • All nominees should also regularly attend SRS meetings and courses and actively participate in and/or contribute to other SRS activities such as research grant applications, M&M submissions, committee involvement, submission of abstracts, serving as faculty, REO donations, etc.

Although the committee generally tries to select from those nominated by the members, policies state that they may go outside that list in order to select the most qualified candidates. In most years, including this one, those nominated by the members are well qualified and selections are made from that list. Once the top choices have been made, the Chair contacts them to make sure they understand the commitment required and are willing and able to serve.

After extensive discussion, the committee is pleased to present the following slate for a membership vote on Thursday, September 7 during the Members Business Meeting in Philadelphia:

  • Vice President – Paul D. Sponseller
  • Secretary Elect – Laurel C. Blakemore
  • Research Council Chair Elect – Marinus de Kleuver
  • Directors at Large: Ron El-Hawary, Lori A. Karol, Rajiv K. Sethi (Under 45)
  • Fellowship Committee: Jeffrey D. Coe

Chair: David W. Polly, Jr. Committee: Ahmet Alanay, Serena S. Hu, Lawrence G. Lenke, Stefan Parent