September 2017

Translation Committee Update

André Luís F. Andújar, MD
Translation Committee Chair

The Translation Committee is responsible for translating all Patient Education materials on the SRS website to other languages, in coordination with the Patient Education and Website Committees. This year, we added two new languages to be translated – Russian and Czech – for a total of 14 languages being translated, helping the SRS to accomplish its mission statement which is to foster the optimal care for all patients with spine deformities.

The entire Patient and Family section of the site is already translated, as well as the AIS handbook. The current task is to translate the EOS FAQs, to be finished by the Annual Meeting in September. The Policy Manual of the Committee was written this year.

We welcome new members, Martin Repko and Sergey Mlyavykh, who will be responsible for the translation into the Czech and Russian languages, respectively, as well as Dr. Tsutomu Akazawa, who is replacing Dr. Noriaki Kawakama in the Japanese language.

Thanks to all the Committee members as well as to Dr. John Dimar, MD for his mentorship this year. I would personally like to give a special thanks to Dr. Munish Gupta, MD who did an excellent job as the first Chair of the Committee, coordinating and leading all the Committee members in the first years of the Committee, inspiring us to continue our tasks.


Chair: André Luís F. Andújar, Portuguese Committee: Munish C. Gupta, Past Chair; Todd Milbrandt, Website Chair; Massimo Balsano, Italian; Haluk R. Berk, Turkish; Ernesto S. Bersusky, Spanish; Yonggang Zhang, Chinese; Hazem B. El Sebaie, Arabic; Tsutomu Akazawa, Japanese; Eung-Ha Kim, Korean; Avraam Ploumis, Greek; Henry F.H. Halm, German; Jean-Marc Vital, French; Martin Repko, Czech; Nosrat Javidan, Persian; Sergey Mlyavykh (C), Russian