September 2019

Bylaws & Policy Committee Update

Brian Hsu, MD
Bylaws & Policy Committee Chair

The Bylaws & Policies Committee is charged with monitoring and refining the written policies of the Society. It is one of the core standing committees that monitors Society activities and its compliance with the bylaws. During the 2017-2018 year our Chair, Evalina Burger, led a comprehensive review of all our standing committees’ policies. This was the most comprehensive review of our internal society policies for years. This year, we continue to finish this important work with the remaining standing committees. Any potential changes to the Bylaws requested by the Board of Directors will be considered and voted on by the committee and returned to the Board with our recommendations.


Chair: Brian Hsu Committee: Evalina L. Burger, Past Chair; Patrick Shih (C); Walter H. Truong (C); John M. Wattenbarger, Chair Elect; Andrew A. Sama; Kevin M. Neal